Latest Release

You can download a compressed pre-compiled binary from github releases:

# linux bases example
curl -L -o
unzip -o
chmod 0755 gollum

./gollum --help

From source

Installation from source requires the installation of the go toolchain.

Gollum need a least go version 1.7 or higher and supports the Go 1.5 vendor experiment that is automatically enabled when using the provided makefile. With Go 1.7 and later you can also use go build directly without additional modifications. Builds with Go 1.6 or earlier versions are not officially supported and might require additional steps and modifications.

# checkout
mkdir -p $(GOPATH)/src/
cd $(GOPATH)/src/
git clone
cd gollum

# run tests and compile
make test
./gollum --help

You can use the make file coming with gollum to trigger cross platform builds. Make will produce ready to deploy .zip files with the corresponding platform builds inside the dist folder.


Building gollum is as easy as make or go build. If you want to do cross platform builds use make all or specify one of the following platforms instead of “all”:

current:build for current OS (default)
freebsd:build for FreeBSD
linux:build for Linux x64
mac:build for MacOS X
pi:build for Linux ARM
win:build for Windows
debug:build for current OS with debug compiler flags
clean:clean all artifacts created by the build process


The repository contains a Dockerfile which enables you to build and run gollum inside a Docker container.

docker build -t trivago/gollum .
docker run -it --rm trivago/gollum -c config/profile.conf -ps -ll 3

To use your own configuration you could run:

docker run -it --rm -v /path/to/config.conf:/etc/gollum/gollum.conf:ro trivago/gollum -c /etc/gollum/gollum.conf