Best practice

Managing own plugins in a seperate git repository

You can add a own plugin module by simple using git submodule:

git submodule add -f contrib/YOUR_NAMESPACE

The by git created .gitmodules will be ignored by the gollum repository.

To activate your plugin you need to create a contrib_loader.go to be able to compile gollum with your own provided plugins.

package main

// This is a stub file to enable registration of vendor specific plugins that
// are placed in sub folders of this folder.

import (
    _ ""

func init() {

You can also copy the existing contrib_loader.go.dist to contrib_loader.go and update the import path to your package:

cp contrib_loader.go.dist contrib_loader.go
# open contrib_loader.go with an editor
# update package path with your plugin's path
make build

You can also change the version string of you Gollum builds to include the version of your plugin. Set the GOLLUM_RELEASE_SUFFIX variable either in the environment or as an argument to make:

# build Gollum with myPackage version suffixed to the Gollum version
# e.g.: 0.5.3-pkg0a01d7b6
make all GOLLUM_RELEASE_SUFFIX=pkg$(git -C contrib/myPackage describe --tags --always)

Use more Gollum processes for complex pipelines

If your pipeline contain more steps think in your setup also about the separation of concerns (SoC) principle. Split your configuration in smaller parts and start more Gollum processes to handle the pipeline steps.